#erl18 New Exhibitor – Cairn.info

We’re pleased to welcome Cairn.info as a new exhibitor to ER&L at our 2018 conference!

Founded in 2005 by four Belgian and French academic publishers, Cairn.info offers the most comprehensive online collection of francophone publications in social sciences and humanities. More than 500 journals and 10 000 eBooks from major French, Belgian and Swiss publishers can be accessed by students, scholars and librarians worldwide on www.cairn.info.

Today, over thirty university libraries in the United States use Cairn.info to provide their users access to well-known journals like Les Annales, Esprit, Le Débat, Actes de la Recherche en Sciences Sociales, Revue Historique, Vingtième Siècle, Revue Française de Science Politiqueand many others.

To make this invaluable content accessible to a non–francophone readership, Cairn.info launched Cairn International Edition, an English-language platform where abstracts and selected articles from key journals on Cairn.info are translated from French into English, enabling users to search, browse and read this content without speaking a word of French.

In 2017, Cairn.info launched the Monthly Dossiers, a free email publication, in English, offering a journalistic look at current events through the prism of francophone scholarly publishing. The goal of the Monthly Dossiers is to draw attention to what’s being published in the francophone social sciences and humanities by providing a practical and global context to the work of selected scholars.

If you’d like to know more about Cairn.info, come by our booth in the exhibition hall!