2018 Speaking Opportunities

2018 speaking opportunities are listed below.

Companies interested in paid opportunities may contact us

Submission Formats

ER&L incorporates several presentation formats into the conference:

Presentation Format Submission Status Length (Talk/Q&A) Peer Review or Invited Description
New for 2018!
ERL 101 Workshop
Submission Closed
4 hours Blended ER&L 101 will be half-day workshops to help introduce an attendee to a foundational area of librarianship at an introductory level. These courses would not require background knowledge of the topic.
Complimentary registration is offered to presenting course instructors. A per-course honorarium will be distributed among the presenters.
Workshop Submission Closed
4 hours Blended A workshop is a 4-hour intensive course designed to take the attendee deep into subject matter with a knowledgeable, experienced instructor(s).
Complimentary registration is offered to presenting course instructors. A per-course honorarium will be distributed among the presenters.
Session Submission Open
thru 9/18

45 minutes (33/12) Peer Reviewed

The 45 minute session has been a part of ER&L since the beginning. Co-authorship and co-presenting is easily accommodated in this longer length format.
Reduced rate registration is offered to accepted presenters.

Short Talk Submission Open
thru 9/18

15 minutes  (10/5) Peer Reviewed

The 15 short talk session is a newer addition to the ER&L program. This format allows for ideas or initiates in progress to be presented without a full session length session. Similar short talk topics will be clustered. Due to the session length, this format readily accommodates single presenters, but co-authorship is welcome.
Reduced rate registration is offered to accepted presenters.

New for 2018!
Poster Session
n/a Peer Reviewed Posters may be on any topic related to librarianship that fits within the scope of ER&L and may include graphs, data, pictures and descriptive text.  Examples of poster topics include case studies, problem analyses or unique library programs. We will be accepting submissions for both physical and virtual posters.
Keynote/ Plenary Invite only 1 hour        (45/15) Invited

Keynote sessions take place to open and close the conference. The Plenary talk is the middle day of the conference. Both are by invitation only and seek to challenge, teach and enlighten.

Lightning Talks On-site 8 minutes (varies) On-site

Lightning talks are a staple of ER&L’s program. Open to all and first-come, first-served on a limited number of slots. Sign up at registration starting Sunday. Lightning talks are a great way to share a new project idea with colleagues, get input from your peers or find a partner for a future project.

Proposal Submission Requirements – Workshop, ERL 101 Workshop, Session and Short Talk

A short sign up form is required to initiate a submission. During the submission process, submitters will be expected to provide items listed below. Items with asterisks have additional detail in the FAQ below the list.

  1. Session Title and Short Title
  2. Conference Track (Current ER&L Tracks and Descriptions)
  3. Presentation Format (4 hour Workshop, 45 minute Session, 15 minute Short Talk)
  4. Session Level/ ERL 101 Consideration
  5. Keywords
  6. Learning Objectives
  7. Code of Conduct Agreement
  8. Recording and Use Agreement
  9. Participant Materials Agreement (Workshop only)
  10. Exercises and Attendee Self Evaluation Agreement (Workshop only)
  11. Instructor Agreement (Workshop only)
  12. 50 word Abstract (Published)
  13. 250 word Presentation Detail/ or Workshop/Course Outline (Information to support peer reviewer evaluation.)
  14. Statement of Originality and Diversity

Submission FAQs

Q: What if I wish to have my talk considered for both a 45 minute session or a 15 minute short talk? or Can I submit this same talk to different format types?

A: Submit for each talk type you wish to be considered for. Please edit the submission to realistically reflect what can be accomplished in a given time slot. The learning objectives for a 15 minute slot will differ from that of a 45 minute session.

Q: Can you explain the text statement of Originality and Diversity question?

On the submission form, all submissions will be asked to provide a statement of Originality and Diversity. The submission question read: “Please elaborate on how this proposal demonstrates originality and/or diversity in content and voices. ER&L provides special consideration for work that is unique, original or diverse. This statement will be used for review but not published.”

A: By this we mean the following:
 We are seeking diverse contentA new angle on an existing topic, an innovative approach. If you are trying something that you do not believe has ever been done or examined, please let the committee know in the comments section. Reviewers often find connections among submissions that you may not even know existed and we work with presenters to connect talks based on the peer review process.
We are seeking diverse voicesDoes your panel include a deliberate attempt to gather opinions from people of color? under-represented groups? a variety in geography? varying library staff sizes? an international perspective? If this has been a part of your panel creation thought process, please include a note letting know you worked to gather diverse opinions.
If you feel this is not applicable, you are more than welcome to indicate that this is not applicable to this talk if that is the case. Please know that this is a private communication point for submitters to final review by the program chair and conference coordinator ONLY. This will not appear in the community voting process.

Not interested in speaking but still have an idea to share?

Submit your idea to our always-open Call for Ideas

If you have any additional questions, please email the conference coordinator and ER&L staff at hello@www.electroniclibrarian.org