Exhibits & Sponsorship

Exhibitors are Silver Level supporters
  • (1) 6′ draped table
  • 2 chairs
  • Access to standard power & free wi-fi
  • 2 complimentary full-registration tickets
  • Cost = $2,500/table


Sponsorship upgrades are available to exhibitors who wish to increase visibility:

Online Conference $10,000

Lunch & Learn Session $4,500+

New Tuesday Banquet Session $4,500+

Conference AV Sponsor $5,000

Build Your Own Session $4,000

T-shirt Screen Printing Activity $4,000

Keynote Session $3,500

Lanyards $3,500

Childcare/ Wellness Sponsor $2,500

Travel Grants $2,000-$3,000 (per winner)

Diamond and Platinum sponsorship levels include 2 uses of the email list (self-send). Limited purchase opportunities are available for the rental of the email list for Gold and Silver levels. 

Partner with ER&L!

No other focused conference supports eresources and digital services librarians, administrators and decision making staff like ER&L. Many vendors are organizing sessions or participating as sponsors at ER&L. Consider coordinating with us in Austin, Texas to when your company wants to:

  • Host a customer meeting
  • Conduct a focus group
  • Sponsor a live streamed session
  • Support the Library Community
  • Fund Travel Awards
  • Fund library research

Contact us to discuss available options