2018 Online Conference & Video Archive

Can’t get to Austin for ER&L 2018? Join us online!

ER&L makes a commitment to an online conference and has since the beginning of ER&L so that geography will not be a barrier to access to the conference. We plan to record and stream what promises to be a great set of sessions — from fundamental ‘ER&L 101’ sessions through our evolving tracks. All sessions, less workshops, will be available to be viewed via the Online Conference, some live during the conference and the remainder within 24-48 hours of completion. 

New for 2018!  We are proud to announce that we will be close captioning all of the sessions available on the Online Conference.

ER&L is committed to making the necessary adjustments to the Online Conference. Our goal will be not only to disseminate conference content but to incorporate the ER&L sense of community for those who cannot travel to Texas. Read about our commitment to inclusivity and diversity at the conference here.

Registration is available for individuals and groups. Multiple campuses across the world participate in ER&L with the Online Conference Group Rate. Some share access with library staff and students; others hold virtual ER&L conference viewing parties.

Looking for the Archive? With over 100 sessions running during the 2.5 day conference in Austin,  it’s impossible to see every session you want while onsite. We are happy to announce that all registered attendees for the in-person conference will receive access to the Online Video Archive for 1-year. No need to purchase separately! Attend the sessions you want in person and view the rest in the comfort of your home or office post-conference.


Q. What is in the online conference?

A. All sessions at ER&L 2018 will be recorded with the exception of Workshops and some Luncheons.

Q. How many hours of content will be available?

A. ERL17 included 85+ hours on the Online Conference. We expect at least 85 hours if not more for ELR18. 2 channels will stream live during the conference with the other sessions added to the archive all on the same platform. Specifics about live vs. tape delay hours will be available in the late fall once the program is announced.

Q: How do I access the online conference?

A: Login and password credentials will be provided 2-3 weeks prior to the conference. The online conference can be watched online via your browser. No special hardware is necessary.

Q: Do I have to watch the online conference from one location? What if I want to start on one computer and then want to finish up on my iPad at home?

A: You can watch the sessions from home, the office or from your tablet, on a Mac, PC or iDevice.

Q: Do I have a user limit when I purchase the Online Conference Group Registration?

A: One institutional login & password will be provided prior to the conference. This login will allow up to 10 simultaneous logins from multiple locations and on a variety of devices. If you need more, let us know. We love the idea of having viewing parties (even post ER&L!) and encourage you to gather up and view together. If you do gather up, email hello@www.electroniclibrarian.org or tweet us @ERandL a picture!


Register here for the online conference. You can choose from the following 2 registration types:

Individual Registration = Advance Online Video Conference Registration

  • Includes 1 login and password to access the online platform.
  • The sessions may be viewed live, may be started/re-started while the session is in progress or anytime afterward the session for a full year.

Group Registration =  Advance Online Video Conference Registration – GROUP RATE

  • Includes 1 institutional login and password to access the online platform by up to 10 attendees simultaneously.
  • Only the registered attendee will obtain all correspondence and login information and will be responsible for communicating that information to other members of the institution.
  • The sessions may be viewed from multiple locations simultaneously.
  • The sessions may be viewed live, may be started/re-started while the session is in progress or anytime afterward the session for a full year.