Presenter Logistics: 4-Hour Workshops

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Workshop presenters receive complimentary registration for the conference + online conference video/audio archive. Please register yourself using the custom link emailed to your previously to ensure we have the correct spelling of your name and organization on your badge.

  • All accepted Presenters are expected to present in Austin, Texas in March 2019.
  • Access to the Conference Archive will automatically be sent to you post-conference.
  • If you registered already or you need the discount code, please contact us.


All available housing options are listed here. Please be sure to book early for the most availability and best rates.

Please review the program schedule when planning your travel dates.

  • Optional: Upload your presentation to the Dropbox folder before you arrive in Austin (see details below).
  • Your session was accepted for the 4-hour presentation and we will coordinate shared break times amongst the courses to allow for a breather for your hardworking workshop attendees.
  • If you have any supplies that you know you will need for your course, please let us know as early as possible.
  • Workshop sessions are not recorded for the Online Conference. 
  • All presenters should include their name, affiliation and a photo on the opening slide of your presentation.
  • All professional presentations should credit sources for graphics, photos and cited statistics if not original. 
  • The preferred aspect ratio for your slides is 16:9.
  • Details regarding submission of slides will be posted closer to the conference dates. 
  • Optional Logo – If you’d like to include an ER&L logo on any or all of your slides you can access this file: LOGO FILE – BLACK & WHITE

  • We realize that with this workshop you may prefer to use your own laptop. Should you prefer to use the in-room laptop, please upload your presentation using the information below.
    • Your presentation will be uploaded to a private folder we have established on Dropbox. You can access this folder here.
    • IMPORTANT! Files should be named as follows: “Session Number – Session Title”
      Example: Session 103 – This Is How to Title A Presentation File

      • Why? Many titles contain the same keywords so be sure to enter your session number and full title. This will be the best way for staff to distinguish your file from another.
      • Don’t know or recall your session number? Look it up on the Conference Website (Sched).
  • If you submit your slides ahead of time, your presentation will be awaiting your arrival. (It makes things so much easier on you and allows your peers access to your slides to take notes. This also assists in person and online attendees with accessibility challenges.)
  • Presenters may also include handouts or other supplementary materials. Files should be named “Session Number – Session Title – Handout 1”
  • Presentation File are private until they are not. ER&L staff are the only individuals with access to this folder so your information will remain private until the meeting when conference attendees in Austin and around the world will be able to access an online version of all the presentations that we have secured approval to share.
  • If you are not able to upload your presentation to our Dropbox folder prior to the conference by 2/28/19, please bring your presentation on a jump drive.


Will you have handouts for your course participants? If you would like us to print any materials for you, please let us know as soon as possible. Any items needed to be printed onsite would be due to us no later than 12pm on Saturday, March 2nd. We will deliver the printed items to the room you are presenting in. 

If you are not able to send us the materials before 12pm on March 2nd, there is a Business Center on property where you can print the materials. Visit us at the Registration Desk and we will ensure the copies will be charged to our account.


Each presentation room will be equipped with:

  • PC laptop – The laptop available will be a PC. If you are using a program that is only accessible on a Mac, please make your file into a PDF before uploading
  • Screen for laptop projection
  • Microphone at the lectern
  • Water at the lectern/ presentation table
  • Access to power
  • Reliable Wifi
  • Your presentation on the desktop if you have submitted it prior to the conference

Accessibility / Accessible Staging or other needs? Every submitter was asked to indicate whether any accommodations were needed, but we’re still here. So, remember that NO time is a bad time (up to the point of presentation) that we cannot assist you in having a comfortable and safe experience. Please contact us onsite at the Registration desk or at


Presenters can meet and practice in the green room. Work out your nerves or just work on… work, in a room for you with access to power, dry erase boards and lectern to practice your presentation.

The in-room equipment is available to test your presentation. Visit during a break or breakfast in the actual presentation room you are assigned.


Click here to download the ERL19 I’m Presenting! web banner. 

Tickets: We have added tickets for your courses to the registration website and attendees are now free to register for them. Each course will require a minimum of 10 registrants by January 15, 2019 to be included in the program. 

ER&L Promotion: We will feature each course and course presenters on our website and in newsletters. On the dedicated webpage for your course, we will include some of the information you submitted such as the abstract and learning objectives. We’d also like to include the head shot of the presenters and their biographies so please send those over as soon as possible. We can also include quotes, links to your blogs, social media site, information on related trends the workshop topic, on the value of the course in the eResources management life cycle, etc. A compelling visual (slide or chart) is always helpful.

Your Promotion: We ask for your active participation in promoting your course and helping us find the perfect audience. Perhaps you know of a small but critical listserv or Facebook group of people who could benefit from this course? Share away! Maybe you enjoy blogging or tweeting. Toot your own horn a bit!  Visit our program website and use the Twitter and Facebook links to share your session information to your followers. There is a short link in your sched record and you can copy that for your use if you do not want to use the sched built in feature.


ER&L’s Code of Conduct and our Commitment to Accessibility and Inclusivity applies to presenters and attendees.


Don’t forget to follow us on Twitter @ERandL.

We’re using #erl19 throughout the conference and we retweet liberally. A lot of activity takes place on social media throughout ER&L and we hope you chime in using #erl19.


Please contact us at Do not hesitate to reach out with any questions.

Need Assistance On-site in Austin? Danielle Sell and Sandy Tijerina are your contacts should you need anything. Feel free to ask for us at Registration.