ER&L Thought Cloud

What are you thinking about this year at ER&L?

access988x antitrust973x archivalrights1093x assessment986x boncon964x breach951x budgetcuts1016x businessresources999x campusoutreach925x cancellations1063x capitalbudgetingerm891x cashcows966x clockss1017x cloudcomputing911x collaboration858x collectiondevelopme956x collectiondevelopmen897x communcation867x consolidation985x consortia916x consotria916x copyright1107x costperuse962x counter1045x coverageload905x data1000x digitalcollections1035x digitalliteracy1034x digitalrepositories890x digitization948x discovery974x discoverylayer1025x drm1015x ebooks997x ejournalvsdatabase919x elecsubcounts839x ennui896x epublishing910x ereaders923x erm1025x erms896x etds1021x facultypartnerships903x federatedsearch894x funding934x googledigitization870x imagesoffacecarto955x interdepartmentcomm959x ipad883x iphone978x isbns920x ithaca1046x kbart945x libraryfuture1017x licenseterms987x licensing1008x linkoutlocal1083x localresources1083x lockss1054x mangingtransition1068x marketing1152x measurabledata1018x mergingworkflows1082x metadata1187x mobileapps1052x mobileinterfaces1179x music1049x nationalelibrary893x negotiations966x oclc1003x onix1015x openaccess541x openaccessresource931x opensource1019x openurl1015x palmtrees1159x partnerships898x perpetualaccess913x photography1011x pinheads987x pointyheadedarsewipe914x portico883x postcancellation929x printjournalfuture917x projectmanagement1019x promotion1029x reenvisioning958x scalability936x screenreaders924x seru1066x shibboleth815x spam41044x spamtest993x spamtest2930x spamtest3955x stakeholders919x standards1001x statistics927x stories931x streamingvideo877x sushi1057x thebigpicture796x thoughtcloudsrsilly914x tippingpoint924x training965x troubleshooting1003x unbundlingjournals905x unbundlingpackages923x unifiedindex920x usability905x usage1003x usagestatistics1085x useraddedcontent859x userbehavior981x userneeds893x userstraining1035x usingproxies934x valuablereports868x webscale905x wiley1002x workflow975x worldcatlocal961x zotero893x

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