4th Annual Battle Decks @ ERL17

BattleDecks@ER&L 2017 – Be there!

The fourth annual BattleDecks@ER&L is at hand. Hone your public speaking, nonsense making, and shenanigan managing skills.

Congratulations to our 2016 Champion, Lisa “Komainu” Martincik for her stellar performance and mic drop.

And thank you to our other contestants from 2016:

  • Courtney Fuson
  • Margie Maxfield
  • Joelle Thomas
  • Whitni Watkins
  • Kate Zdepski

Who tackled topics such as:

  • Everything’s Bigger in Texas: How do I Make my Big Data Bigger?
  • Where did my Database go? Troubleshooting User Incompetence
  • Moving Beyond the Bento Box – Discovery with Ramen and Bubble Tea
  • Worried about any long term effects of participating in BattleDecks?

What is it? Battledecks or Powerpoint-Karaoke.

Participants will present a topic (provided just before they begin), for 3 to 3 and a half minutes, accompanied by 10-15 PowerPoint slides selected and arranged by our team of experienced library scientists. No preparation required, No preparation allowed, actually. Participants will be judged (by other library scientists), based on a criteria ranging from the quantitative use of time and slides to the qualitative general composure and ability to address the topic. A certain amount of artistic license is expected from both participants and judges in their work.

When is it?
Battle Decks ER&L is Monday, April 4, beginning at 7:30 pm following the Vendor Reception & Tabletop Exhibit.

How do I get involved?
We’re looking for a few hearty folks to join in as:

Participants – Sign up early to secure your spot. We’re looking for up to 8 contestants.

Volunteers – We’ll need a few folks on hand to help run the show as timekeepers, random drawing wranglers, and stern security

If you are up for any of these roles, please contact Jesse Koennecke (jtk1@cornell.edu or @JayTeeKayOne) or sign up at the ER&L Registration Desk.

BattleDecks @ ER&L Hall of Fame:

  • 2016 – Lisa Martincik
  • 2015 – Anna Creech and April Hathcock
  • 2014 – Carmen Mitchell