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The 2018 Electronic Resources and Libraries Conference starts in less than a week and we invite you to join us online. The conference is offering over 100 hours of peer-reviewed, community-voted content exploring topics and trends in e-resources management and digital services. Register Now!

It’s our 13th annual conference and we hope you’ll take a look at the program and consider attending!

  1. Content Standards and Their Consequences: How Platform Power is Reshaping Global Communications Policy
  2. Antisocial Media: How Facebook Disconnects People and Undermines Democracy
  3. S020: Do we know what we are paying for? Assessment of use of electronic resources
  4. S046-02: So Many Tools: an Overview of Electronic Resource Assessment Tools at Columbia University Libraries
  5. S011: The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up: The Librarian Art of Decluttering and Organizing EZProxy
  6. S060: Crying, Waiting, Hoping: How to Make Sure Your Remote Users Can Access e-Resources
  7. S046-01: Troubleshooting 101: how to fix broken things under pressure
  8. S007: Did we buy this? Untangling which materials are licensed with the help of modern technology
  9. S002: Limits of Discovery Systems for Users
  10. S065: Open Access Content in Discovery
  11. S080: Moving Beyond IP Authentication: The New Frontier in Single Sign-On
  12. S036-01: Three T’s and OneNote: Managing E-Resource Tracking, Title Lists, and To-Do lists with Microsoft OneNote
  13. S086-01: Playing Hide ‘n Seek with electronic resource metrics: Seeking the hidden work in electronic resource management


View all Live Sessions – https://erl18.sched.com/audience/Live

View Recorded Sessions (added >1 day after presented): https://erl18.sched.com/audience/Recorded

If this content is of interest to more than one person from your organization, consider an institution / group access ticket for greater savings.


ER&L 2018, the 13th Annual Electronic Resources and Libraries is in Austin, Texas at the UT Austin Executive Education and Conference Center and will stream dozens of sessions live each day March 5-7, 2018. Register today!