Research Data Management Librarian Academy

Monday, March 4th  |  2:45pm   Add this session to your Sched!

Many librarians have become active participants in their institutions’ research lifecycles. Librarians have the expertise to capture scientific knowledge as it is being created so it is managed and recorded for later dissemination, but their skills with managing research data vary. For librarians to effectively lead the application of research data management (RDM) solutions at their institutions, they need training to support all levels of librarians.

Several university libraries recently partnered with Elsevier to study the need for a Research Data Management Librarian Academy that could provide online RDM training.  The team includes librarians from Harvard Medical School, Tufts Health Sciences, MCPHS University, Boston University School of Medicine and Simmons College.

The team compiled an inventory of existing courses for academic librarians and conducted a needs assessment through interviews, surveys and focus groups to identify gaps in current training offerings and to identify what librarians and researchers need to contribute to their success. Library school involvement was critical to the project, and the team also interviewed library and i-school educators as well.

This session will report on the findings of the training needs assessment and will discuss how the training inventory can be applied. Speakers will also review the development of  a resulting online training modules and a certification program.

Following this sessions, participants will be able to:

  • Gain an understanding of the role librarians can play in training researchers about research data management.
  • Locate training needed to developed their RDM skills.
  • Name several RDM tools or solutions available to them and their researchers from a variety of sources.

Conference Track: Data Science in Libraries

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