Top 19 Sessions of 2019


We’re looking forward to 2019 and wish you the best as you start the new year. As of New Year’s Day, according to the currently built custom attendee schedules on the Conference Website, here are the top 19 sessions of ‘19 — all of which have been prepared, submitted, reviewed and assembled for and by eresources professionals!

  1. The Heckler’s Veto: The Real Threats to Free Speech and Deep Thought
  2. Past, Present, Future of Trailblazing with Data for Social Change
  3. S34-01: COUNTER 5: Usage Statistics for the 21st Century
  4. S16-01: Alternative Usage Statistics: Comparing proxy logs and Libguides statistics to vendor-provided statistics
  5. S07: Eat that Elephant! Time and Task Management in the E-resource World
  6. S56: Taming the Documentation Beast: Improving Your Documentation with Agile Methods and Accessibility Principles
  7. S24: Journal Package and Subscription Analysis: Combining Data in New Ways to Standardize Collection Review
  8. S12: Dollar Dollar Bills: Vendor Negotiation Strategies
  9. S20: Process mapping: How it helped one University streamline their eresources troubleshooting workflow and create efficiencies
  10. S04: Confronting the Confusion: Streamlining Access to Library e-Resources
  11. S37: Session title: Have you tried turning it off and on again? Training non-technical staff to resolve eresource problems
  12. S11: Building a Sustained Culture of Process Improvement Using Workflow Analysis
  13. S41-01: The Librarian, in the link resolver, with Excel: Using VLOOKUP to solve discoverability mysteries
  14. S05: Hacked: Cleaning Up Your Usage Data
  15. S22-01: Post PDA: Funding streaming video in times of shrinking budgets
  16. S35-02: Training Preparedness and Agility : Building an online “Training Toolkit” to facilitate staff training and development
  17. S69: I have a VPAT… now what do I do? Apply an Accessibility Remediation Guide to Electronic Resources
  18. S45: The Openness of Electronic Resource Management
  19. S80: Synthesizing Library Data with a Third Party Tool: Strategies to Collect, Analyze, and Share Data throughout the Library

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