2017 Online Conference

Can’t get to Austin for ER&L 2017? Join us online!

Collect up your colleagues and have an ER&L viewing party on campus or watch the 30+ sessions from your offices or at home on idevices during ER&L or long after–with no pressure to watch on April 2-5, 2017 with online platform access for a full year!

Multiple campuses across the world are participating in ER&L with the Advance Online Conference Group Rate. Some are sharing access with library staff and students; others are holding virtual ER&L conference viewing parties with the help of a little festive party pack sent from ER&L 2-3 weeks before the event.

We are very excited to announce that once again, the online conference platform will include all peer-reviewed, community-voted sessions.


Q. What is in the online conference?

A. All sessions at ER&L 2017 will be recorded with the exception of Workshops and some Luncheons.

Q. How many hours of content will be available?

A. 85+ hours. ~25 hours of live, streaming content will be offered. ~59 hours are tape delayed. 2 channels will stream live during the conference with the other sessions added to the archive all on the same platform. Review here which sessions will be broadcast Live.

Q: How do I access the online conference?

A: Login and password credentials will be provided 2-3 weeks prior to the conference. The online conference can be watched online via your browser. No special hardware is necessary.

Q: Do I have to watch the online conference from one location? What if I want to start on one computer and then want to finish up on my iPad at home?

A: You can watch the sessions from home, the office or from your tablet, on a Mac, PC or iDevice.

Q: Do I have a user limit when I purchase the Online Conference Group Registration?

A: One institutional login & password will be provided prior to the conference. This login will allow up to 10 simultaneous logins from multiple locations and on a variety of devices. If you need more, let us know. We love the idea of having viewing parties (even post ER&L!) and encourage you to gather up and view together. If you do gather up, email hello@electroniclibrarian.org or tweet us @ERandL a picture and we’ll send you a little something!


Register here for the online conference. You can choose from the following 2 registration types:

Individual Registration = Advance Online Conference

  • Includes 1 login and password to access the online platform.
  • The sessions may be viewed live, may be started/re-started while the session is in progress or anytime afterward the session for a full year.

Group Registration =  Advance Online Conference *GROUP RATE*

  • Includes 1 institutional login and password to access the online platform by up to 10 attendees simultaneously.
  • Only the registered attendee will obtain all correspondence and login information and will be responsible for communicating that information to other members of the institution.
  • The sessions may be viewed from multiple locations simultaneously.
  • The sessions may be viewed live, may be started/re-started while the session is in progress or anytime afterward the session for a full year.

List below updated as of 1/12/2017

View ER&L Online Groups in a larger map

  • Capella University
  • Clemson University Libraries
  • Harriet K and Philip Pumerantz Library
  • Houston Baptist University, Moody Library
  • Marshall University Libraries
  • MU Libraries
  • Newton Gresham Library/SHSU
  • Queens College/CUNY
  • San Jose State University Library
  • Stanford University Libraries
  • Taylor & Francis
  • The University of Texas at San Antonio
  • UC Hastings College of the Law
  • UC San Diego Library
  • UMUC
  • University of Manitoba Libraries