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2020 Keynote Announced

ER&L is pleased to announce our opening keynote speaker for the 15th Annual Electronic Resources and Libraries Conference in Austin, Texas. This presentation will take place on Monday, March 9, 2020. This session will also stream live and free for the library community from our website.

Title: Libraries and the Practice of Freedom in the Age of Algorithms

Abstract: How prepared are librarians, and the students they serve, to navigate technologies that are fundamentally changing how we encounter, evaluate, and create information? In the past decade, a handful of platforms have become powerful information intermediaries that help us search and connect but also are tools to foment disinformation, amplify hate, increase polarization, and compile details of our lives as raw material for persuasion and control. We no longer have to seek information; it seeks us. Project Information Literacy has revealed college students’ lived experience through a series of large-scale research studies. To cap a decade of findings, we conducted a qualitative study that asked students, and faculty who teach them, what they know and how they learn about our current information environment. This talk explores what students have taught us, where education falls short, why it matters, and how time-tested library values – privacy, equity, social responsibility, and education for democracy – can provide a blueprint for creating a socio-technical infrastructure that is more just and equitable in the age of algorithms.

Barbara FisterBarbara Fister was chosen to serve as the inaugural Scholar-in-Residence at Project Information Literacy, a national research institute that studies college students’ research habits. She was a co-researcher on PIL’s latest year-long study and subsequent report, “Information Literacy in the Age of Algorithms: Student Experiences with News and Information, and the Need for Change.” For three decades Barbara coordinated the library instruction program at Gustavus Adolphus College, a liberal arts college in Minnesota. In addition to collaborative teaching with faculty across the curriculum she has developed courses on research methods, book culture, first term seminars, and (most recently) launched a new course on Clickbait, Bias, and Propaganda in Information Networks. She holds degrees in Russian and English literature as well as in library and information science. Her research interests include information literacy, the future of publishing, the intersection of technology and society, and how library values could provide guideposts for promoting algorithmic justice. After a blogging about libraries and technology for Library Journal and Inside Higher Ed for over a decade, she continues to share her thoughts about libraries, information, and society at her own site where you will find links to open access publications and presentations. Follow Barbara @bfister.


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