Exploring trends, technologies, e-resource management, and digital services in libraries.

About Us

Exploring trends, technologies, e-resource management, and digital services in libraries.


ER&L facilitates communication and collaboration for information professionals around issues related to managing electronic resources in the digital world.


The goal of the ER&L Conference is to bring together information professionals from libraries and related industries to improve the way we collect, manage, maintain, and make accessible electronic resources in an ever-changing online environment. Sessions are recorded and made available online. ER&L allows for cross-pollination of ideas across fields of librarianship not often brought together in traditional public services or technical services conferences. An orientation to ER&L for new visitors is available here. 

Code of Conduct

ER&L seeks a variety of opinions, voices and perspectives at our conference. We encourage participation from people of all races, ethnicities, genders, ages, abilities, religions, and sexual orientation. We strive to create an inclusive and respectful conference experience, inviting diverse perspectives and opinions. If you feel you have encountered harassment or had a negative conference experience, please contact Bonnie Tijerina [bonnie.tijerina [@] gmail [.] com], the Conference Coordinator.

CoC Procedure:

ER&L takes harassment of any kind seriously. In the event of a harassment complaint, we will take the following steps:

  1. After initial contact from the victim or bystander, we will strive to get full details from this individual within 3 days.
  2. We will offer an opportunity for the accused to provide their description of the incident(s) within one week.
  3. If we cannot make a final decision on a resolution, we will bring in a neutral third party to investigate further and assist us with a final decision on a resolution.

Proper Attribution and Citation

All presenters are required to include proper citations and attributions on all images, graphics, and research that is not original. This maintains integrity in the presentation and enables attendees to reference primary sources.

Commitment to Accessibility and Inclusivity

ER&L is committed to creating an inclusive and comfortable conference experience for all attendees. Here are the features we have in place to ensure that the ER&L Conference is safe and accessible to all:

  • The entire program is available to be viewed via the Virtual Event. ER&L makes a commitment to an online conference and has since the beginning of ER&L so that geography will not be a barrier to access to the conference.
  • Instructions are posted for presenters on how to make their slides accessible to all attendees.
  • ER&L will be closed captioning all of the sessions available via the Virtual Event.

Commitment to Sustainability

ER&L is committed to sustainability in the community and environment. Here are the features we have in place:

  • Whenever possible, materials are provided digitally rather than printed. If printed materials are required, they are abbreviated versions with expanded information available digitally.
  • As many items as possible are curated and printed locally and/ or with small local businesses.
  • All disposable printed materials, including program books and poster boards, are recycled.
  • Large printed items are created with annual reuse in mind.
  • We encourage our exhibitors and sponsors to reduce printed materials and giveaways to eliminate unnecessary paper waste.

Please contact us directly with any questions at hello@electroniclibrarian.org.