More about ER&L…

Who should attend ER&L?

You belong at ER&L if you are a professional—vendor, service provider, publisher, library professional—working in eresources management and digital services. If you hold one of these job titles or work with people who do, ER&L is the right place for you:

What is ER&L’s focus?

Have you been an eresources professional working and problem solving in these areas? Yep, us too. Our focus is clear by our tracks. You should expect to see the most current updates, best lessons learned and detailed challenges discussed in every session supporting these focus areas.

    Managing e-Resources in Libraries
    Collection Development and Assessment
    Workflow & Organizations
    External & User Relationships
    Emerging & Future Technologies
    Scholarly Communication & Licensing
    Library as Publisher

Click here for an expanded view of tracks with subtopics.

What can I expect to learn at ER&L?

If you are interested in improving your organization’s workflows, making more informed buying decisions, learning from your peers, and gaining insight into products as a vendor or as a buyer you must attend ER&L online or in person.  Click here to view our most recent program.

Why should eresources-focused vendors attend ER&L?

ER&L is a high concentration of engaged, smart  and active buyers with a lot of feedback to share for vendors in the following areas:

    Association Publishers
    Discovery tools
    e-book Publishers
    e-content sellers
    ERMS Implementation Services
    Discovery tools
    Information Services Companies
    Journal Publishers
    Scholarly Publishers
    Serials Management

Vendors who have been at ER&L know that niche conferences provide vendors with more direct contact to their current and prospective customers. Many vendors are participating as presenters, as well as exhibiting/ sponsoring at ER&L.