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Announcing ER&L-Middle East 1st Annual Conference

It is with great pleasure that we announce the establishment of the Electronic Resources and Libraries – Middle East Chapter (ER&L-Middle East) and first annual conference and exhibition, which is scheduled to be held October 9-10, 2019 in Dubai, UAE. Electronic Resources and Libraries annual conference is known to facilitate communication and […]

To Our Exhibitors – The 15th Anniversary E-Resources and Libraries Conference Exhibit Sign-up Opens Soon

Greetings! 2020 marks a momentous occasion for ER&L, our 15th annual conference! For 15 years Electronic Resources and Libraries Conference (ER&L) has seen consistent year-over-year attendance increases, both in person and online— topping out in 2019 at 1000 in-person and 600+ online attendees. That’s more than 850% growth in 15 […]

Now Seeking ER&L 101 Topics

Electronic Resources & Libraries is eager to welcome newbies into the field (and the fold–our community!) with timely and relevant programming. Recognizing that more scholarly content goes online and new individuals gain responsibilities that require knowledge of electronic resource-related topics every day, we will be offering “ER&L 101” programming beginning […]