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Rachel Frick, 2013 ER&L Keynote

ER&L is pleased to share ER&L’s closing keynote speaker will be Rachel L. Frick. Rachel will present “The Courage of Our Connections: thoughts on professional identities, organizational affiliations and common communities” rounding out ER&L’s 2013 Keynote Speaker series. [The archived presentation is available here]   About Rachel Frick  Rachel L. Frick is […]

r. Mike B. Eisenberg

Mike Eisenberg, 2013 Keynote Speaker

The Electronic Resources and Libraries (ER&L) is please to announce Mike Eisenberg as opening Keynote Speaker presenting “Listening to Users: What the “Google Generation” Says About Using Library & Information Collections, Services, and Systems in the Digital Age” for the upcoming ER&L conference, March 17-20, 2013. [The archived presentation is available here. Bonnie […]