2015 Online Conference

Welcome to ER&L’s expanded 2015 Online Conference!banneroption2

The online conference will contains 2 live streaming channels of content during ER&L! And, for the first time the online conference platform will include every peer-reviewed, community-voted session! In fact, the online conference offerings have increased 40% over 2014 through support from our Online Conference sponsor, SAGE.

Already Registered?

If you’ve already registered, congratulations! If you have not received them already, you’ll be getting updates & login credentials from ER&L staff with instructions and planning suggestions. Review this page for quick links and FAQ’s. We’re really excited you’re joining us. If you ordered in advance of the cutoff, you should be seeing your box of swag arriving very soon.

ER&L Online Conference 2015

A sample 2015 party box with buttons, headphones, paper to record brilliant ideas, anniversary buttons, online attendee exclusive buttons, twitter (encouragement!) buttons, tee from a past year, office or cube wall signs, stickers and a silly decoration.

Quick Links

– Online Conference Login page
Register now!
– View the program on SCHED
– Download 2015 ER&L Agenda of Sessions_2.19.15 (pdf, 542KB)

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is in the online conference?

A: Every session, just not sponsored sessions and luncheon sessions. Download the Agenda of Sessions or view ER&L 2015 on SCHED.

Q: How many hours of content are included in the online conference?

A: Hours included:

  • 57.75 hours of content will be offered
  • 25.5 hours of live, streaming content will be offered
  • 32.25 are tape delayed by less than 12 hours

Q: How many hours of content are available each day?

A: On Tuesday morning, all of Monday’s content (10+10.5) 20.5 hours is available along with Tuesdays live content. On Wednesday morning, all for Monday and Tuesday (20.5+24.75) 45.25 is available along with Wednesday’s live content. On Thursday morning, all 57.75 hours will be available and access is for 1 full year for individual or online group access.

  • On Monday, 10 live hours, 10.5 tape delay
  • On Tuesday, 10.5 live hours, 14.25 tape delay
  • On Wednesday, 5 live hours, 7.5 hours tape delay

Q: Do I have to watch the online conference from one location? What if I want to start to view on one computer and then want to finish up on my iPad at home?

EResources and Libraries Online Conference 2015A: You can watch the sessions from home, the office or from your tablet, on a Mac or PC.

Q: Do I need the online conference group registration?

A: If more than 1 person from your organization is watching the content we’re putting in the online conference, it makes a lot of sense to go for the group. It is less expensive than adding 2nd online conference single user account.

Q: Do I have a user limit when I purchase the online conference group registration?

A: We will provide access to login and password credentials that will allow up to 10 simultaneous logins.  Yes, you can login from multiple locations and on a variety of devices. If you need more, let us know. We love the idea of having viewing parties (even post ER&L) and encourage you to gather up and view together or make a choice to catch a session as a team. If you do gather up, email sandy at electroniclibrarian.org or tweet us @ERandL a picture, please, and we’ll send you a little something!

Q: I registered for an online individual, can I upgrade to group access?

A: Yes, please contact us and we’ll issue you a quick invoice or Square payment page to allow you to upgrade.

Online Conference Sponsor

SAGE Publishing