Making the Most of your Time… and Still Getting the ER&L Learning Experience

Written by Bonnie Tijerina, Assistant Director of Collections Services at Claremont Colleges, Founder of ER&L

The Electronic Resources and Libraries Conference will host an on-line conference featuring much of the content at ER&L. If you can’t image trying to squeeze another meeting into your calendar, read on…

When evaluating a meeting, you consider the cost to your time, budget dollars and impact to your current projects and peers back at the office. Ultimately, you have to make decisions about where you’ll spend your time and you have to consider the value to you.

You also know that a small meeting like ER&L gets you a lot of tangible benefits. If you think about it, you know you’ll gain insights into challenges you’re grappling with when you go at ER&L sessions. Perhaps, the perfect answer won’t come, but a decision you’re entrusted with by your institution is distilled and a clearer choice emerges due directly to insights culled from a day of presentations at ER&L.

You have questions that the ER&L Conference meeting might help with:

  • What are my peers struggling with in their implementation of this system? How did they piece together a solution?
  • Which vendors or consultants worked for them and how can I apply those lessons learned to my current institution’s challenges?
  • Is there a change to an existing workflow I’m considering going to create a problem?

So, you consider current professional responsibilities, finite time, direct and indirect travel cost and a great meeting—and after all that consideration, you just can’t find the time to make the 5-6 days out of the office work.

ER&L decided if juggling all those balls in the air limited access to the content at ER&L that ER&L would remove the barrier of time and travel cost and bring you the conference sessions when you want them.

Some sessions will be webcast live and all sessions in the online conference will be available when you need them and as your schedule allows. The online delivery platform is a top of the line platform and a demonstration of the platform is available. I do hope you check this out as the online conference was formed after talking with librarians, knowing the limited time available to us all and seeing the interest in ER&L spread to a larger group of us in e-resources management.

Online conference attendees can be participants in the live ER&L meeting during and after the meeting, too. If interaction with speakers during the live webcast sessions or communication with speakers after you listen to an ER&L session is of interest to you, the platform and ER&L presenters will make that happen.

Thanks for reading and, as always, please let me know if you have any questions or if the ER&L team of volunteers (link to contact us page) can be of any assistance. And, whether you’re attending in person or considering the online conference, there is much to gain from Chad Hutchens’ insights in his write up entitled, “Getting the most out of ER&L.”