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Mike Eisenberg, 2013 Keynote Speaker

The Electronic Resources and Libraries (ER&L) is please to announce Mike Eisenberg as opening Keynote Speaker presenting “Listening to Users: What the “Google Generation” Says About Using Library & Information Collections, Services, and Systems in the Digital Age” for the upcoming ER&L conference, March 17-20, 2013. [The archived presentation is available hereBonnie Tijerina starts at 35:50, Fred Heath starts at 39:45, Mike Eisenberg starts at 45:50]

About Dr. Mike B. Eisenberg

Mike is Professor, Dean Emeritus, and Founding Dean of the Information School at the University of Washington. His life’s work is about helping people to recognize and develop the knowledge and skills necessary to thrive in the information age. We are excited to host Mike. Read a description of his talk on the 2013 ER&L Keynotes page.

Dr. Mike Eisenberg is the founding dean of the Information School at the University of Washington, serving from 1998 to 2006. Known as an innovator and entrepreneur, Mike approached the iSchool as a  startup—transforming the school into a broad-based information school with academic programs on all levels (bachelors through doctorate), increasing enrollment 400%, generating millions in funded research, and making a difference in industry, the public sector, and education on all levels.

Mike’s current work focuses on information & technology literacy, virtual worlds, and library information and technology programs, K-20. Mike is co-author of the “Big6 approach to information problem-solving” – the most widely used information literacy program in the world. Mike is a prolific author (9 books and dozens of articles and papers) and has worked with thousands of students— pre-K through higher education—as well as people in business, government, and communities to improve individual and organizational information and technology access and use. Mike particularly enjoys working with undergraduate students, introducing them to the opportunities and challenges of the information field. 

About Electronic Resources & Libraries (ER&L)
Electronic Resources and Libraries (ER&L) is the effort of librarians to improve the way we collect, manage, maintain, assess, and make accessible electronic resources in an ever-changing digital environment. Founded in 2005 by Bonnie Tijerina, head of electronic resources and serials at Harvard University, ER&L is an annual physical and virtual conference focused on practical, tactical, and strategic work by e-resources management and digital services professionals to further the field. More information about ER&L can be found at www.electroniclibrarian.com/about.