ER&L 101 Programming

ER&L is eager to welcome new professionals into the field and the fold of our community with timely and relevant programming. Recognizing that more scholarly content goes online and new individuals gain responsibilities that require knowledge of electronic resource-related topics every day, we are offering “ER&L 101” programming in both regular session and workshop formats.

Below we have listed the ER&L 101 Programming to be offered in Austin at ER&L 2018:


From Stumbling Blocks to Building Blocks: Scholarly Communication Essentials

Scholarly Communication & Library Publishing

Why 101? 

There is no doubt that in the twenty-first century, scholarship is a valuable (and profitable) commodity. New digital capabilities (electronic publishing, social media, institutional repositories, copyright and open access legislation, etc.) have profoundly impacted traditional models of scholarly communication and publishing in recent years. Librarians, no matter their job description, are increasingly being asked to collaborate with colleagues, faculty, students, publishers, and vendors on a variety of scholarly communication issues and topics. It’s essential that both new and experienced e-resource librarians be provided with opportunities to learn the foundations of scholarly communication. In this workshop, the focus will be on providing attendees with the knowledge, vocabulary, and basic skills needed to navigate the fast-changing scholarly communication landscape.

Getting Started with MarcEdit 7: New Tools, New Models, New Automation Opportunities

Emerging Technologies & Trends

Why 101? 

MarcEdit is a pretty popular application in the library metadata space, and the coming update to MarcEdit 7, is bringing with it a number of new tools and automation opportunities. The program will include new tools to: simplify non-MARC metadata transformations (without the need for XSLT/XQuery expertise), built-in data clustering support, deeper integration with OCLC and supported ILS systems, new global editing tools, and a new semantic engine for working with knowledge graph data. By the time MarcEdit 7 is released (~Dec. 1, 2017); it will represent the largest rewrite and update to the program in close to 4 years.

So Now It’s Your Job To Fix This: Troubleshooting E-Resource Problems

Managing e-Resources & Licensing

Why 101?

This workshop will teach those new to access problem troubleshooting the fundamentals of diagnosing, resolving, tracking, and communicating access problems starting at an introductory level and progressing to more advanced topics throughout the course of the workshop. We will be introducing attendees to the basic components of online access, describing the common (and not-so-common) ways that these components break, the resources available to them, and impressing upon participants the importance of a holistic process that includes resolution, communication, prevention, and advocacy.

45-minute sessions and 15-minute short talks to be announced in October.