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A Note from the 2020 ER&L Program Chair

Jennifer Bazeley Headshot
Jennifer Bazeley
ER&L 2020
Program Chair

Today I’m reaching out to you, the incredible members of our e-resources community, to encourage you to submit a session or short talk proposal for the E-Resources & Libraries 2020 Conference. Details about how to submit are available online here.

I encourage everyone who has something to share to submit a proposal, whether you’re an early career professional or a seasoned long-time attendee, a public librarian or an academic librarian. We have a lot to learn from each other and while it can be intimidating to contemplate presenting to your colleagues, ER&L is a supportive and welcoming environment to do your first or your fiftieth conference presentation. I remember my first ER&L presentation – it was nerve-wracking and exciting; I prepped and practiced for weeks beforehand. I was so nervous at the start of my session that I was sweating (looking back on it, I like to think I was glistening with enthusiasm!), but by the time I finished and responded to audience questions, I was relaxed and encouraged. My colleagues in the audience asked relevant, challenging questions in response to my talk, and it gave me the confidence to become a better speaker and move forward in my career.

ER&L is an opportunity for us to shape our community and our future, to influence and inspire, to lead and to learn. Please consider sharing your skills and experiences with us by submitting a conference proposal for 2020.

— Jennifer Bazeley, ER&L 2020 Program Chair

(Click the first image below to submit a session today!)