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Maximize Your Repository Investment with Digital Commons

A few years ago, exhibiting your library and research assets to the world was pretty simple: scholarship went to institutional repositories, data went to data repositories, and special collections and archives went to content management systems. Each platform excelled at what it was meant to do. Now, however, new types of institutional output blur the lines between scholarship and data and special collections, for example digital humanities projects. In addition, with resources squeezed tight, it’s getting more and more difficult to maintain all these separate platforms. Is there a way to streamline and serve more of these needs with less effort?

Digital Commons, in partnership with our customers, is developing a solution designed to help institutions address these pressures by maximizing their repository investments in new ways: the Digital Commons Exhibit Solution. The Digital Commons Exhibit Solution will offer the clean, museum-like design, curation tools, and multi-media options needed to beautifully accommodate the wide range of output while capitalizing on the work you’ve already done in your Digital Commons repository.

In this session, Jane Wildermuth, Head of Special Collections and Archives at Wright State University and one of our customer testing partners will discuss her experience thus far with the solution and what it enables her to do with Wright State’s wealth of special collections. In addition, Ann Connolly, Director of Product at Digital Commons, will share more about plans for the solution and where it’s headed in the future.

Session Presenters:

Jane Wildermuth, Head of Special Collections and Archives, Wright State University

Ann Connolly, Director of Product – Digital Commons, Elsevier

Tuesday, March 9, 2021
3:35 pm – 4:10 pm

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