Library #IdeaDrop House 2015

ideadrop houseLibrary #IdeaDrop house supports bringing the value of Libraries, Archives and Museums to the world, and, equally important, provides the L A M communities opportunities to connect with and learn from the best and brightest in tech, public policy, social media and creative communities via a live stream of our open house and relaxed sofa conversations in Austin taking place during SXSW Edu and Interactive.


You are invited to join us for the #IdeaDrop program if you have an interest in current and future libraries, archives and museums.


March 10 – 15


We’re covering a wide variety of topics including:

– Data, Privacy, and Society
– Digital Literacy
– Maker in Libraries & Museums
– Civic Engagement
– Open Gvernment Data
– Ethics & Privacy
– Big Data
– Information Policy


You are invited to join us in Austin (1706 Garden St) or on the live stream.

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