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Is this thing on? Learning the basics of establishing E-resource access

March 16 – 19, 2021

10:00 am – 12:30 pm (Central)

This workshop is hosted live over four consecutive days.

Course Instructors ask that you reserve the listed hours for both live instruction and course exercises.

AUDIENCE LEVEL: Foundational/ 101


Taking over E-Resources management? Broadening your skills for a job search? This workshop is designed to show attendees the basic components of establishing access to e-resources, from acquisitions to authentication, including payment, acquisition models, management and discovery systems, user interfaces, publisher platforms, linking, and all the various vendors and consortia which might play a role. The presenters will help you analyze and understand the systems and resources in place at your own library, and connect you with resources to understand them better after you’ve returned from Austin. The workshop is intended to be followed up with a conference session on troubleshooting e-resources access problems, giving attendees the skills to identify, resolve, and track a variety of electronic resource access issues, from simple to complex, once they understand how that access should be functioning.

It will begin by introducing attendees to the different elements involved in making an online resource accessible to users and then describe the common ways in which the components can break.

Following the workshop, participants will be able to: 

  • understand a variety of e-resource acquisition models.
  • understand authentication and e-resource access systems.
  • understand e-resource data flows between systems.


Vanessa French
E-Resources Librarian, Assistant Professor
Butler University


Josh Petrusa
Associate Dean, Collections and Digital Services, Associate Professor
Butler University

Associate Dean at Butler University since 2010, Josh has been managing e-resources for more than 15 years, previously at DePaul University and Norwich University. Happy to be back again presenting at ER&L online, and verty excited for virtual Battledecks.


To be shared with registered course attendees prior to course start date.


To be shared with registered course attendees prior to course start date.