De Who? A lunch session invitation from De Gruyter

It’s okay, really. De Gruyter isn’t a mega publisher, and we’re not really good at tooting our own horn, so we understand that you may not know exactly who we are.

We do, however, know something about publishing since we’ve been doing it since 1749. But just because we’ve been around for almost 270 years doesn’t mean we’re stuffy.

In fact, we have fresh and modern attitudes to a number of things such as partnerships with university presses, helping libraries deliver excellent service to their customers, and supporting authors to advance research in Humanities & Social Sciences, Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics.

We also have considerable experience in open access publishing and are even the largest independent source of open access books. So if you are interested in working with a proud publishing house that is big enough to matter, but small enough to listen, come to our ER&L Lunch.

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Event Details
Time 11:30am – 1:00pm
Date Wednesday, 3/7/2018
Room Salon 6
Sponsored by De Gruyter