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2021 Fall Workshop: Optimizing E-Resource Management

Optimizing E-Resource Management
with Process Improvement, Project Management,
and Problem Solving Techniques

November 9 – 11, 2021

10:00 am – 12:45 pm (Central)

This workshop is hosted live over three consecutive days.

Course Instructors ask that you reserve the listed hours for both live instruction and course exercises.

AUDIENCE LEVEL: Intermediate


Electronic resource management (ERM) is perhaps the most challenging aspect of library work. Understanding how to optimize processes, manage projects, and effectively troubleshoot are three specific areas that can help librarians and staff be more effective. This workshop will start with a method for process improvement that maps existing ERM processes in a way that enables the identification of efficiencies. Next, participants will review project management basics and those techniques that can best be applied to ERM, which does not align with most formal project management practices. The workshop will finish with techniques to identify and resolve problems with electronic resources.

Some issues that arise reflect a systematic problem that can be resolved by adjusting a process, others may identify a project needed to clean up data or train staff. Combining process improvement techniques with effective project management practices and a problem-solving methodology will optimize electronic resource access for an institution by streamlining ERM and quickly identifying and resolving access issues. Individual reflection and group discussion will be incorporated throughout for participants to evaluate aspects of process improvement and simplified project management that apply to their situations.

Following the workshop, participants will be able to: 

  • understand the difference between process improvement and project management and how they each apply to electronic resource management.
  • apply process improvement techniques, including process mapping, to electronic resource workflows.
  • apply basic project management techniques to electronic resource management.
  • describe a problem solving methodology for issues accessing electronic resources.


Janetta Waterhouse
Director of Technical Services & Library Systems
Senior Assistant Librarian
University at Albany



To be shared with registered course attendees prior to course start date.


To be shared with registered course attendees prior to course start date.