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2020 Conference

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2020 Conference | March 8-11, 2020 | Austin, Texas

Barbara Fister

OPENING KEYNOTE  |  Barbara Fister

Libraries and the Practice of Freedom in the Age of Algorithms

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How prepared are librarians, and the students they serve, to navigate technologies that are fundamentally changing how we encounter, evaluate, and create information? In the past decade, a handful of platforms have become powerful information intermediaries that help us search and connect but also are tools to foment disinformation, amplify hate, increase polarization, and compile details of our lives as raw material for persuasion and control. Read more…

CLOSING KEYNOTE  |  Jennifer Kim

How you can advance Diversity, Equity & Inclusion – with a grassroots, learning-oriented approach

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Jennifer Kim is a sought-after Diversity & Inclusion strategist and advisor to top Silicon Valley startups. She led a unique talent strategy that made her previous startup, Lever a widely recognized leader in D&I, at a time when it was thought to be impossible. Read more…


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DeGruyer’s University Press Library: Strategic Solutions for Overcoming a Complex e-Book Ecosystem

Presented by DeGruyter

How Librarians Can Address Their Most Pressing Questions Using Scopus

Presented by ELSEVIER

Efficient Management of Electronic Resources in Consortium Using Alma

Presented by ExLibris

Understanding Our Audience: Better Communication with Faculty

Presented by Niche Academy

The Price is Right: Making Ebook Access Affordable for All Libraries

Presented by ProQuest