Exploring trends, technologies, e-resource management, and digital services in libraries.

2010 Conference

2010 ER&L Conference  |  February 1-3, 2010  |  Austin, Texas

Keynote Speakers

Lance Hayden, School of Information, University of Texas
Archived Presentation: Librarians in The Wild: Thinking About Security, Privacy, and Digital Information

Andrew S. Nagy, Serials Solutions; Ross Singer, TALIS
Archived Presentation: Where are we Headed? Tools & Technologies for the Future

Monday, February 1, 2010
  • Usage Statistics for E-Resources: Is All That Data Meaningful?
    a. Clarke/Harrassowitz presentation
    b. University of Notre Dame’s Statistic Philosophy
    c. e-Stats @ SWRI
  • The NISO ERM Data Standards and Best Practices Review
  • Image Reviews Tags and Recommendations: Do Enhanced Contents and User Contributed Contents Improve Access to Library Resources in Academic Library?
  • We’ve Got the Data – Now What Do We Do About It? Applying Quality Standard to Assess Information Resources
  • A Study of Licence Terms for Electronic Resource Management  (Survey Findings)
  • Innovative Tools for Access: Enhancing Digital Collections with Emerging Technologies
  • Electronic Access and Research Efficiencies – Some preliminary findings from the University of Tennessee Library’s ROI Analysis
  • Graduate Students’ Perceptions of Federated Searching
  • Marketing Open Access to Everyone
  • ERMS Success: Harvard’s Experience Implementing and Using an ERM System
    a. Questions to Ask Before And During ERM Implementation
  • Institutionsl Identifier Standard: Yes, We Need It!
  • The Third Heat: Faculty, Digital Repositories, and Unusual Bitstreams
  • Redundant Journal Access: Why Pay More than Once?
  • Finding Their Way: Electronic Resources Librarians’ Education, Training, and Community
  • Promoting Use of EResources in Bangladesh: A Developing Country Perspective
Tuesday, February 2, 2010
  • Library as Publisher
  • Digging for Buried Treasure: Strategies for Promoting Institutional Repository
    a. Arendt/Nabe/Imre presentation
    b. Baillargeon/Turtle presentation
  • Patron- Driven Selection of eBooks: Three Perspectives on an Emerging Model for Acquisitions
    a. Gibbs presentation
    b. Hisle presentation
  • GoogleSweet: Leveraging Google’s Suite of Free Resources
  • Exposing Library Content with the NISO Metasearch XML Gateway Protocol
  • Beyond Log-ons and Downloads: Meaningful Measures of E-resource Use
  • Fostering Learning and Technology Development in Technical Services
    a. Procedures for proactively checking e-journal holdings
  • Adventure at the Article Level
    a. Suggested Readings
  • Aggravation Aggregation: A Sweet Story About Statistics
  • Serials Assessment Comes of Age
    a. Serial Review
    b. Sample SDD
  • We’ve Got Issues: Issue Tracking and Workflow in the Digital Library
  • E-book MARCeting: How Do Your E-books Look?
  • Can We Build It? Yes we can! Building an ERM Solution at the University of Notre Dame
  • Step Right Up! Planning, Pitfalls, Performance of an E-Resources Fair
  • Surviving Budget Reductions and Solving Space Problem by  Using Electronic Access Strategies: The Case at UNC Greensboro
  • Comparison Complexities: The Challenges of Automating Cost-per-use Data Management
  • Transparent and Scalable OpenURL Quality Metrics
  • Remember Three Weeks Ago When You Couldn’t Access…?
  • Scaling Organizational Capacity to Meet E-Resources Needs: Centralize or Decentralize?
  • Data Clean-up: Is There A Better Way?
  • Collaborating with IT to Deliver E-Reserves Using Drupal and Zotero
Wednesday, February 3, 2010
  • Harvesting From Many Silos at Web-scale Makes e-content Truly  Discoverable
  • Developing a Methodology for Evaluating the Cost-effectiveness of Journal Packages
  • Encourage or Inhibit? An Examination of Institutional Copyright Policies
  • Recommendation and the Library
  • Evaluating and Marketing Electronic Resources: What are You “Really” Doing to Promote Your Electronic Resources?
    a. Jia Mi
    b. Kennedy (Kennedy Supplement)
  • E-Book Management — It Sounds Serial!
  • E-Bok on the Roll @ The University Alabama Libraries
  • Living on the Bleeding Edge of Collection Development
    a. Spreadsheet
  • Where have all the print journals gone? Adapting Print Collections to an E-centric World