Conference 2011

ER&L 2011 Program

ER&L 2011 Presentations

Presentations: Monday, Feb. 28, 2011

  • Welcome and Keynote with Amy Sample Ward – Recorded Session
  • Databases on the Go: Creating a Mobile Database Site – Report Recorded Session
  • ROI: Why Oh Why? How to Use Return on Investment Data to Tell Your Library’s Story – ReportRecorded Session
  • LibX 2.0: New Realities, Directions, and Possibilities
  • Using the Social Design Model to Enhance Electronic Browsing and Article Linking in Online Journal Databases – Report Recorded Session
  • Making Data Work: Telling Your Story with Usage Statistics – Report Recorded Session
  • Centers for Digital Scholarship in Libraries
  • Fishbowl Conversation – Recorded Session
  • Promoting Electronic Resources at the Point(s) of Need – Report Recorded Session
  • 16 Schools, $150,000 and 9 days: Experimenting with the Patron Driven Acquisition Model in a Consortial Environment – Report Recorded Session
  • Digital Libraries: An Evaluation of Humanities-based Digital Libraries for Teaching and Learning – Report
  • EReaders, Our Readers, and Electronic Collections: Where do We Go from Here? – Recorded Session
  • Head First into the PDA Pool: A Comparison of Librarian Selections vs. Patron Selections – Report Recorded Session
  • Is the Bloom off the ERM Rose? Rethinking and Retooling Our Electronic Resource Management Strategies – Report
  • Library Renewal – Recorded Session
  • Full Stream Ahead: Libraries and the (Bit)Torrent of Demand for Online Video – Recorded Session
  • You’ve Flipped: The Implications of eJournals as Your Primary Format – Report Recorded Session
  • Do Students Want Mobile Library Services and are Librarians Ready to Deliver? – Report Recorded Session
  • Buzz session: Usage Data and Assessment – Report
  • Buzz session: Make it yourself! Academic library as publisher of print and online product – Report
  • Buzz session: Off campus access to licensed electronic resources – Report

Presentations: Tuesday, Mar 01, 2011

  • Keynote with Amanda French – Recorded Session
  • Libraries and Streaming Media: How Libraries Can Provide Access to Streaming Media – ReportRecorded Session
  • Metrics Based Journal Value Analysis – Report
  • Does Every cloud really have a silver lining? Moving from Local to Remote Host – Report
  • Innovative eResource Workflow Strategies – Recorded Session
  • Transcendental metadata: A collaborative schema for eResource Description – Report Recorded Session
  • The Necessity, Opportunity, and Challenge of Managing Free Electronic Resources – Report
  • HTML5: Will It Be Worth It? – Report
  • Becoming a leader, to the eyes of your manager – ReportRecorded Session
  • Using the READ Scale to Track the Effort of Resolving Electronic Resource Access Issues – Recorded Session
  • What am I really getting? Finding the Unique Content in Your Databases – Report
  • When Two Become Three: Adding Additional Staff to Electronic Resource Management – Report
  • Tipping the Cow: Reorganizing Staff to Support Electronic Resources – Recorded Session
  • Lightning Talks – Recorded Session
  • Individual eJournal Subscriptions: Assembly Required – Recorded Session
  • bX e-VALUE-ation: Taking a Chance that New End-user Services Also Benefit Libraries
  • The Role of Collection Development Policies in Today’s Academic Libraries – Report
  • The Great Unboxing – Recorded Session
  • Discovering Choices: The Web Scale Discovery Marketplace – Recorded Session
  • Acquisition Magic
  • Going Virtual is Not Magic: Converting Physical Libraries to Virtual Libraries – Recorded Session
  • The Mathematics of Web-Scale Discovery: Addition, Subtraction, Multiplication, Division in Your Organization – Recorded Session
  • Social Media as Selection Tool: Mechanisms for Collaborative Collection Development
  • The Copyright Outreach Librarian – Report
  • Evolving Organizational Structures: Are We Keeping Up? – Recorded Session

Presentations: Wednesday, Mar 02, 2011

  • Demand-Driven Acquisitions: New Tools and Strategies for Long-Term Management – Recorded Session
  • Assessment of Electronic Resources – Report
  • Buzz Session: Security Issues with Online Products – Report Recorded Session
  • The Discovery Payoff: Are Discovery Services Increasing ROI and the Library’s Prominence in Academic Institutions?
  • eBooks in Academic Libraries: Challenges and Successes of Managing a Dynamic Format – Recorded Session
  • Restructuring Library Acquisitions for the Future
  • Primo: D2D, Mega-Aggregate Index of Scholarly Content, and a Scholarly Recommender Service: Scholarship and Content Never had it This Good!
  • Closing Keynote with Michael Porter – Recorded Session