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2016 Keynote Speakers

Dawna BallardDr. Dawna Ballard, associate professor at the University of Texas at Austin, and expert in chronemics (the study of time as it is bound to human communication) will discusses her work and the search for work/ life balance.

Trying to fit it all in, rushing to meet work and personal responsibilities… We are all impacted by the the benefits and pitfalls of 24/7 connectivity, competing and conflicting deadlines and in search of the elusive work life balance.

Opening Keynote “Finding Time:  From Industrial Mythology to Chronemic Literacy

Prevailing views about time and productivity rely primarily upon observations and practices developed in industrial settings.  In this keynote, Professor Dawna Ballard will lend insights drawn from two decades of her own research in the field of chronemics—the study of time as it is bound to human communication—about how post-industrial work requires a different set of literacies.

View her session here.

watkins-craigS. Craig Watkins studies young people’s social and digital media behaviors. He is a Professor at the University of Texas, Austin, in the department of Radio-Television-Film. Craig is also a Faculty Fellow for the Division of Diversity and Community Engagement at the University of Texas at Austin. He received his PhD from the University of Michigan.

Closing Keynote: “Doing Media: Leaning Futures in a World of Change”

The world of media and learning are steadily evolving and young people are at the center of the transition.  In this talk, S. Craig Watkins explores what researchers have learned about the impact of media technologies in the social and learning lives of children and teens. But even as young people continue to drive change there are many misperceptions about their relationship to technology and learning futures.  Today, young people do not just consume media, they “do media.”  The concept of “doing media” and what it means for designing more relevant learning spaces will be explored.  Drawing from ethnographic research and insights generated from more than a decade of studies,  Mr. Watkins offers some insights on the challenges educators face and the opportunities to reinvent libraries and the learning that happens in them.

View his session here.