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2018 Track Highlights

1. Managing e-Resources & Licensing

The ER&L 2018 submissions for the Managing e-Resources & Licensing track cover so many different aspects of our work!  A particularly exciting addition this year is the ER&L 101 program.  Intended for those newer to our profession, these presentations will cover licensing online video, an intro to EzProxy, and best practices for managing trials.

This year there seems to be a particular focus on analyzing and enhancing various electronic resource workflows and internal systems, along with the utilization of traditionally ‘non-library’ products and techniques to make improvements.  User authentication remains a popular topic with sessions on incorporating Shibboleth with EzProxy, and cleaning up current EzProxy instances.

There are presentations that take on ticketing systems and resource troubleshooting from several different angles, including creating a homegrown solution and developing techniques for better understanding and facilitating current troubleshooting procedures.  Resource discoverability will be covered in two separate sessions, and there will also be a closer look at ebook records management and metadata evaluation.

Please join us for any (or many!) of these valuable and informative sessions on this year’s Managing e-Resources & Licensing track!

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Prepared by: 

Erin Finnerty2018 Program Committee Member
Electronic Resources Librarian
Temple University Libraries

2. Collection Development & Assessment

3. Organizational Strategies

In comparison to 2017, the themes of the 2018 Organizational Strategies track have very noticeably shifted from workplace morale to loads of systems migrations and organizational restructuring. Clearly, ER&L presenters are motivated, embracing a great deal of change, and probably also a teensy bit tired! But, fear not, this year’s Organizational Strategies track will have plenty to inspire and energize even the most weary of libraryland. Presenters will discuss a number of ILS, ERM, and discovery system migrations and their lessons learned. Attendees will also hear about best practices in documentation and training, textbook affordability and institutional repository initiatives, and tips for creating a data-friendly library culture. Inarguably, the success of an organization is tied to the professional development and personal well-being of its workers. As such, it is good to also see a few presenters focusing solely on topics such diversity, workplace satisfaction, and individual career development, with still others including acknowledgements of the impact on staff in their discussions of restructuring, migration, and its associated, no doubt seismic, workflow shifts.

Prepared by: 

Tessa L.H. Minchew2018 Program Committee Member
Electronic Resources Librarian, Acquisitions & Discovery
North Carolina State University Libraries

 4. External Relationships

5. User Experience & Promotion

6. Scholarly Communication & Library Publishing

7. Emerging Technologies & Trends