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2018 Video Archive Details

Welcome Video Archive Viewers!

This page will provide you with access to the schedule, a browser testing page, printable posters and a sample session from last year to view.



Log into the platform here: http://www.webcastregister.live/erl2018/register.php

Once you log into the online conference, you will see the full list of sessions available to you.

You can filter by day by clicking the date at the top of the list. You can filter by track by selecting a track by selecting the track in the right side menu and clicking “Filter”. 

The ER&L Conference schedule can give you additional information about these sessions.

If you registered as a group, the credentials provided have been configured to allow up to 10 users from any location simultaneously. This can be from campus, from home, from a laptop, desktop, or mobile device. Your group will only need the login and password listed above. All viewers can use the same login and password.



We have contracted to add captioning to the online conference platform. This is an experiment this year. The captioning will be added within 24 hours after the live broadcast. If you have any questions about captioning, please do not hesitate to let us know.


It is very important to test your device compatibility on Sonic Foundry’s testing page here.


Once again, every peer-reviewed session will be recorded for 2018. This is made possible from support from SAGE Publishing. At your first login per day, per browser (in an unlikely scenario you’re changing browsers throughout the day), you will see a short video from SAGE before arriving at the catalog of session videos.


Still have questions? Consult the Online Conference FAQs. If this page or the FAQs don’t address your questions, please let us know! We’re always experimenting and to your feedback. Your questions will help us improvement the experiences and we appreciate every one of them.