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Presenter Logistics: 45-Minute Sessions

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Speakers are extended a discounted registration fee of $425 for the conference + online conference video/audio archive.

  • Access to the Conference Archive will automatically be sent to you post-conference.
  • If you registered already at a higher rate or you need the discount code, please contact us.

Housing & Travel

All available housing options are listed here. Please be sure to book early for the most availability and best rates.

  • We recommend arrival on Sunday PM and departure Wednesday early PM to partake in the core conference.
  • Please review the program schedule when planning your travel dates.
  • If you are considering taking or are teaching a workshop course, those arrival dates will vary by ~1 day to allow for the pre-conference or post-conference course.

Planning Your Presentation

  • Your session should be 2/3 prepared presentation (30 minutes) and 1/3 Q&A (15 minutes).
  • Presentation Tips: Whether you are presenting for the very first time or this is “old hat” to you, we’ve compiled some tried-and-true tips to help ease any stage-fright jitters and to ensure your presentation is well received.
  • Review the Accessibility Guidelines to ensure all attendees can view your slides
  • All presenters should include their name, affiliation and a photo on the opening slide of your presentation.
  • ER&L Proper Attribution and Citation Expectation: All presenters are required to include proper citations and attributions on all images, graphics, and research that is not original. This maintains integrity in the presentation and enables attendees to reference primary sources.
  • The preferred aspect ratio for your slides is 16:9.
  • Optional Logo – If you’d like to include an ER&L logo on any or all of your slides you can access this file: OFFICIAL LOGOS

Presentation Slide Upload Due March 5th

STEP 1: Save your file “Session Number – Session Title”

  • Why? Many titles contain the same keywords so be sure to enter your session number and full title. This will be the best way for staff to distinguish your file from another.
  • Session Numbers can be found in your acceptance letter and on Sched
  • Presenters may also include handouts or other supplementary materials. Files should be named “Session Number – Session Title – Handout”

STEP 2: Upload the file to our private Dropbox folder by Thursday, March 5, 2020.

  • YES, presenters can choose to not share slides if data is not available for distribution, but we strongly encourage sharing the presented information since that is the core of what we’re facilitating at the conference.
  • Presentation files are private until they are not. ER&L staff are the only individuals with access to this folder so your information will remain private until the meeting when conference attendees in Austin and around the world will be able to access an online version of all the presentations that we have secured approval to share.

If you are not able to or prefer not to upload your presentation to our Dropbox folder by Thursday, March 5th, please bring your presentation on a jump drive. We do not recommend using your own laptop as the AV connections can get disrupted and it may affect the smooth recording of your session.

What to Expect in Your Session Room

Each presentation room will be equipped with:

  • PC laptop – The laptop available will be a PC. If you are using a program that is only accessible on a Mac, please make your file into a PDF before uploading.
  • Microphone
  • Access to power
  • Reliable Wifi
  • Your presentation on the desktop if you have submitted it prior to the conference

Accessibility / Accessible Staging or other needs? Every submitter was asked to indicate whether any accommodations were needed, but we’re still here. So, remember that NO time is a bad time (up to the point of presentation) that we cannot assist you in having a comfortable and safe experience. Please contact us onsite at the Registration desk or at hello@electroniclibrarian.org.

During Your Presentation

  • A Session Monitor will be present to assist with timekeeping and questions from the remote viewing audience.
  • All sessions will be recorded. Some sessions will stream live and others will be recorded as ‘Voice-Over-PowerPoint’ recordings available shortly after the presentation.

ACCESSIBILITY NOTE: To ensure that the recorded sessions are captured in totality and accessible to all viewers, please remember to speak into the microphone and repeat questions asked by the audience into the microphone.

The Green Room/ Speaker Ready Room

Presenters can meet and practice in the green room. Work out your nerves or just work on… work, in a room for you with access to power, dry erase boards and lectern to practice your presentation.

The in-room equipment is available to test your presentation. Visit during a break or breakfast in the actual presentation room you are assigned.

Session Promotion

Want to promote your session? Download this image for social media or your email footer.

Don’t forget the #erl20 hashtag!

Code of Conduct

ER&L’s Code of Conduct and our Commitment to Accessibility and Inclusivity applies to presenters and attendees.

Are We Connected?

Don’t forget to follow us on Twitter @ERandL.

We’re using #erl20 throughout the conference and we retweet liberally. A lot of activity takes place on social media throughout ER&L and we hope you chime in using #erl20.

Contact/ Support On-Site

Please contact us at hello@electroniclibrarian.org. Do not hesitate to reach out with any questions.

Need Assistance On-site in Austin? Danielle Sell and Sandy Tijerina are your contacts should you need anything. Feel free to ask for us at Registration.