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Presenter Logistics: Remote Presenters

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We can support remote presenters.

All remote presenters who submitted their request to present remotely prior to Sunday, March 8th at 8:00pm CT have been logged into our schedule and will have someone on our staff or a co-presenter in the room managing the remote presentation process.

Presenters who have not notified us by this time will not be able to present remotely. They are invited to submit their slides or a pre-recorded video of their session to our private Dropbox folder and it will be included in the files available to all attendees.

  1. If there are co-presenters in the session: the presenters in Austin should arrive at the presentation room at least 10 minutes early to log into the pre-arranged online meeting link and ensure it is running smoothly before the session officially starts.
  2. If the remote presenter is the only presenter: A room monitor will be assigned to staff the room during the presentation and an AV tech will be available. The session monitor will log into the link 10 minutes before the beginning of the session to ensure it is running smoothly before the session officially starts.
  3. The pre-arranged online meeting link will need to be accessed on the computer that is showing the presentation in Austin to ensure that the audio is captured for the live and online audiences.  Then in-person presenters must be using the ER&L provided laptop.
  4. If the remote presenter needs to control slides, that can happen, but its best to have the presenters in Austin run the show to avoid baton passes between presenters.


Please contact us at hello@electroniclibrarian.org. Do not hesitate to reach out with any questions.

Need Assistance On-site in Austin? Danielle Sell and Sandy Tijerina are your contacts should you need anything. Feel free to ask for us at Registration.