Researcher Focus Group @ #erl17

Do you do research or work closely with researchers? With all the talk of media manipulation and fake news, what seems different in the past year and how has our work been impacted?

Join our closing keynote’s focus group.

Closing keynote and researcher Monica Bulger is interested in how researchers and information specialists are navigating the evolving information environment. 

We will be hosting a focus group discussion on Tuesday at 9am on the ways in which the evolving information environment may present new challenges and impact our work as information specialists and researchers. Specifically, we’d like to discuss what seems different in the past year, where we’re feeling overwhelmed or like we need to adjust our usual research/instruction techniques. Together, we will identify what might be ‘new’ or ‘evolving’ challenges to our established practice and the strategies for doing or supporting research.

We’re looking for 8-12 volunteers to be part of focus group at 9am on Tuesday at ER&L.

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