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Room Monitor Logistics

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We ❤ our volunteers!

Room Monitors are a key volunteer role at ER&L. The UT-Austin Library staff and students will be filling this role in all recorded sessions. Sessions that are being recorded but not live-streamed sessions will have a Room Monitor.


  • Know the session name, room and time you are monitoring. You may find it helpful to review the ER&L program on Sched.
  • If you do not know the sessions you are monitoring, please email hello@electroniclibrarian.org.
  • View a facility map of the AT&T Center before you arrive.
  • If you have not attended ER&L before, you will find the registration volunteers very helpful in pointing out where your session will take place when you pick up your badge at the Registration Desk on M2.


  1. Arrive at the session room 10 minutes prior to the session start time.
  2. Claim your seat — you’ll see a “Reserved” sign at your seat in the first row. There you will find a handheld mic for audience questions.
  3. Open the clock app on your smartphone and set your timers (see below for specific times).
  4. Briefly introduce yourself to the presenter(s) at the podium and let them know that you will:
    • notify them when it’s time to start and end Q&A.
    • pass around the handheld mic for audience members to ask their questions.


  • Briefly introduce yourself to the in-person attendees at the podium just at the session start time.

“Hello everyone. This is Session (Number, Title). My name is (Name) and I am an ER&L Volunteer with the UT-Austin Libraries and will be this sessions monitor. I will be keeping time for this session and ensuring all questions are heard during Q&A.  

  • Start on time and do your best to keep things running on time!

45-Minute Sessions

    • Alert the presenter at 30 minutes to commence Q&A with a briefly raised hand.
    • Call the end of the session with a briefly raised hand 15 minutes later, at 45 minutes.
    • Hold a hand up, or stand to end the presentation, if necessary, so that the next presenter, moderator and all event participants may stay on the published schedule.
    • This is, of course, the hardest part of the job. Some enthusiastic presenters will run on and on even after they’ve been given the 2-minute warning. Please cut them off as gracefully as you can.

15-Minute Short Talks

    • Inform the audience at the beginning that if they need to leave after a short talk to attend a different session to do so quietly and with the least disruption to the speaker.
    • Alert the presenter at 10 minutes with a raised hand minutes to commence Q&A
    • Call time with a raised hand at 15 minutes.
    • Cut the presentation off, if necessary, so that things stay on schedule. This is, of course, the hardest part of the job. Some people will run on and on even after they’ve been given the 2-minute warning. Please cut them off as gracefully as you can.
  • IMPORTANT: Pass the handheld mic to the audience members asking questions so they too are captured for the recording.


  1. THANK YOU for helping your colleagues at the conference!
  2. Complete the Session Monitor Report for your session.


ER&L’s Code of Conduct and our Commitment to Accessibility and Inclusivity applies to presenters and attendees.


Please contact us at hello@electroniclibrarian.org. Do not hesitate to reach out with any questions.

Need Assistance On-site in Austin? Danielle Sell and Sandy Tijerina are your contacts should you need anything. Feel free to ask for us at Registration.