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Technology from SAGE Innovators Award

Innovation is everywhere. Innovation need not be an expensive or large-scale endeavor. It is simply the process of innovating — improving or even simplifying the existing state of being. Innovation can be incremental.

The pandemic has required much of us all. Flexibility, nimbleness, and creativity have been demanded. We are seeking examples of tech innovations that have removed barriers to knowledge to better support teaching and learning across campus.

We encourage you to apply for this award in acknowledgment and celebration of our collective efforts and successes.


  • Submit an Application: Now –¬†February 7, 2022
  • Finalists Notified: February 21, 2022
  • Finalists Present at ER&L 2022: March 14 – 17, 2022

About This Award

Established by Technology from SAGE, a portfolio of digital services from Lean Library, Talis, and Adam Matthew, in partnership with Electronic Resources and Libraries (ER&L), the Technology from SAGE Innovators Awards recognize technological innovations in eresources librarianship, especially in support of pedagogy and/or research workflows across campus. These innovations should use technology to remove barriers to knowledge, reflecting the spirit of innovation upon which Technology from SAGE was launched.

Who May Apply

The award honors individual librarians, paraprofessionals, library staff groups and administrators who have created and/or implemented tools, programs, practices, partnerships, policies, and/or activities that serve to improve technology-based teaching and/or research processes that are centered in the library.


It is the intention of this award not simply to acknowledge recipients at an Awards ceremony, but to support the winning innovator with a $2000 award with an additional $500 award to the 2nd and 3rd place innovators to be used to advance future technological innovations and/or in the applicant(s) personal professional development.

Oversight & Presentation

Final applicants will present their innovation stories at ER&L and a final winner will be selected live at ER&L. This award from the application, peer review, and fund dispersement will be managed by Electronic Resources and Libraries (ER&L).

Winning applicants will be required to supply a 250-500 word summary regarding the use of award funds for publication and promotion.

If you have any questions about these awards, please contact Sandy Tijerina, ER&L Director.

Submission Requirements

The Technology from SAGE Innovators Award applicant will need the following information in order to complete the online application.

* = Required

Title & Description*

A title and description of the award-winning innovation are required as part of the submission process.

(100 character limit for title; 500 character limit for description)

ER&L 2022 Proposal

If you submitted a proposal for the 2022 conference, you will be asked to list the title of the proposal in the application. 

(An ER&L proposal submission is not required for the Technology from SAGE Innovators Award.)

ER&L Track*

Indicate to which ER&L track this innovation maps:

  1. E-Resources Management & Licensing
  2. Collection Development & Assessment
  3. Organizational Strategies
  4. External Relationships
  5. User Experience & Promotion
  6. Scholarly Communications & Library Publishing


Winning innovations should meet one or more of the following criteria. You will be asked to select the appropriate criteria at the time of submission.

  • Quality. The innovation uses technology to increase the quality of the library offerings or the quality of the student, faculty or staff experience.
  • Efficiency. There is evidence that the innovation contributes to a more efficient way of doing things. Patron ratings, perceptions of faculty or administration, and pre- and post-comparison of time involved are examples of evidence.
  • Cost-Effectiveness. There is evidence that the innovation adds value to the library while at the same time containing or reducing costs. Cost data will serve as evidence.
  • Usage. The innovation increases the use of library holdings, librarian services, and/or librarian expertise.
  • Replication. The innovation can be replicated at other libraries.
  • Creativity. The innovation should be original or novel in approach.
  • Timeliness. The innovation should be no more than two years old at the library but must have been around long enough to have been evaluated sufficiently so that it meets the criteria.
  • Other. Other ways that innovation is worthy of this award.

Agreement to Present*

Applicants agree to document and present to the eresources library community about this innovation including how to replicate this innovation including at the March 2022 ER&L conference.

Recognition by the Library or Institution

Applications should indicate how the library may recognize or has recognized the award-winning innovation and associated team members, where applicable.

(300 character limit, not required)