Exploring trends, technologies, e-resource management, and digital services in libraries.
Call for Proposals is now closed.

Speaking Opportunities

Two speaking opportunities are available for ERL22

The committee will evaluate each proposal on the basis of subject matter (including, but not limited to, the issues listed in the topic descriptions), clarity, and timeliness. Submissions will also be peer-reviewed.

If you submit your proposal for multiple presentation types, please edit each submission to realistically reflect what can be accomplished in a given time slot. The learning objectives and scope for a workshop vs a session vs a short talk slot will differ significantly.

Submission Deadline: November 4, 2021

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The standard session has been a part of ER&L since the beginning. Co-authorship and co-presenting are accommodated in this longer-length format.

Presentation Length: 20-25 minutes


This shorter-length talk allows for ideas or initiatives in progress to be presented without a full-length session. Similar talk topics will be clustered. Due to the session length, this format readily accommodates single presenters, but co-authorship is welcome.

Presentation Length: 8 minutes


Title & Short Title

Submit the full title of your proposal as well as a 50-character shortened version that may be used in printed materials or in smaller views of the program.

Agreements & Affirmations

  • I confirm that I have read the conference Code of Conduct and Diversity Statement.
  • I agree to allow ER&L, LLC to post my presentation files on their website and online conference platform for distribution to registrants to my session and to the library community.
  • I hereby consent to the audio/videotaping of my presentation during ERL22 and agree to allow ER&L, LLC to post my presentation files on their website for distribution within the library community and other interested parties.
  • Is a representative of a vendor involved in this session?

Presentation Type

Presentations will be either 20-25 minute sessions or 8 minute short talks. Options available at the time of submission are: 

  • Session length ONLY (20-25 min)
  • Short Talk length ONLY (8 min)
  • Session preferred, Short talk acceptable
  • Short Talk preferred, Session acceptable

NOTE: Selection of options with “only” indicates your preference to be rejected over the alternate talk length.

Presentation Format

Sessions will be presented either live or as pre-recorded videos. All presenters will have some form of live Q&A, either on live camera or in a text-based Q&A format. Options available during submission are:

  • I will pre-record my presentation.
  • I can present live or record my presentation.

Conference Track

Select from one of the ER&L Tracks

Additional Tags (optional)

Indicate if either of the following tags is applicable to your proposal.

  • Emerging Tech & Trends: So much of what we do in libraries today is driven by technology, and many of the problems we face can be addressed by employing, customizing, or developing technologies and considering trends on the horizon. Emerging Tech & Trends sessions span all of the tracks.
  • ER&L 101: These sessions span all of the tracks, introducing an attendee to a foundational area of librarianship (such as licensing, ebook management, troubleshooting) or an emerging but important topic starting at an introductory level. These sessions would not require background knowledge of the topic and would be appropriate for a practitioner new to electronic resources or as an introduction to a new topic.

Audience Level

Some sessions require the audience to have advanced knowledge on a topic in order for presenters to meet their intended goals. Please indicate your preferred level of knowledge from the audience.

  • Foundation – This session does not require background knowledge of the topic. This is appropriate for a practitioner new to eresources topics or as an introduction to a new topic.
  • Intermediate – An understanding of basic eresources topics is fundamental in order to fully engage in this session.
  • Advanced – This is recommended for seasoned practitioners who want a deep dive into an advanced topic area.


Please add a short descriptive keyword or phrase in this section. Keep in mind that this keyword will be used to organize presentations for attendees. How do you think your presentation might be found?

These keywords will become the ‘tags’ associated with this presentation for our online tools and archive.

Learning Objectives

Please complete the following sentence with at least 2 learning objectives, separated by commas: Following this session, participants will be able to _____________.

Learning Objectives Examples

Following this session, participants will be able to:

  1. Evaluate three library management systems (Alma, Sierra, and WMS) using data provided by a survey of ERM librarians
  2. Compare what ERM tasks are often performed within the three systems
  3. Compare what ERM tasks are not performed within the three systems
  4. Understand what ERM functions need more development within these systems

Following this session, participants will be able to:

  1. understand the nature of problems reported
  2. understand the methods for improving troubleshooting that emerged from the study,
  3. discuss how the library community can advance the goal of using a shared vocabulary to describe e-resource access problems.


Provide a 50-word description of your proposal. This abstract will be printed in the conference program and will appear on the ER&L conference website associated with your proposal, if accepted. This abstract is also reviewed by the ER&L Program Planning Committee.

Statement of Originality & Diversity

We are seeking original content. A new angle on an existing topic, an innovative approach. If you are trying something that you do not believe has ever been done or examined, please let the committee know in this section. Reviewers often find connections among submissions that you may not even know existed and we work with presenters to connect talks based on the peer-review process.

We are seeking diverse voices. Does your panel include a deliberate attempt to gather opinions from people of color? under-represented groups? a variety in geography? varying library staff sizes? an international perspective? If this has been a part of your panel creation thought process, please include a note letting us know you worked to gather diverse opinions.

If you feel this is not applicable, indicate below. Please know that this is a private communication point for submitters to the final review by the program chairs and conference coordinator ONLY. This will not appear in the community voting process.


  • All presenters must be decided upon and included in the proposal at the time of submission. “TBD” speakers will not be allowed.
  • Proposal Space collects optional demographic information in the submission application. ER&L will not be using this data.
  • All accepted presenters are required to register for the conference at a discounted rate.
  • All accepted presenters are expected to attend the virtual Q&A sessions for the accepted presentation.

Program sessions and short talks are to be for the purpose of communicating relevant content to librarians, publishers, and library vendors. They are not to be used as a marketing opportunity or to sell products or services. Vendor-organized and presented sessions are welcome but do require some balance across the program. Companies interested in presenting a sponsored session, please visit the Sponsorship page.