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Conference Changes for 2022

The 2022 conference will be a different virtual conference experience for the community.

We learned a lot in the past 18 months and recognize that virtual attendees have different needs than in-person ones. We hope that this new format gives attendees more focused learning as well as new opportunities to connect with their community at ER&L.

Some terms you’ll hear us throw around this year are “content block” and “big questions.”


ER&L will be clustering 3-4 presentations into content blocks of about 90 minutes – 2 hours in duration These content blocks will be interspersed with blocks of lighter content we’re calling social blocks. The 30-minute social blocks will contain entertainment, game shows, commercials, and lighter material.

1.5-2 hours Content Block – Big Question A
30 minutes Social Block

1.5-2 hours Content Block – Big Question B
30 minutes Social Block

1.5-2 hours Content Block – Big Question C
30 minutes Social Block


Big questions will be a reflection of what we (as committee members) see as important topics and questions facing our community. Some questions our program planning committee have developed are:

  • What does our new normal look like?
  • How do we stay connected within a dispersed work environment?
  • How have the changes brought by the pandemic affected scholarly communication and academic publishing?
  • How do we address diversity, inclusion, and equity in a profession that has been further polarized by the pandemic?
  • What does innovation in libraries look like?

What do content blocks and big questions mean for a sponsored session LIVE sponsors?

Your sponsored LIVE session will be placed into one of our live Content Blocks with a Big Question.

Companies do not have to answer the big question, but we think it makes sense to encourage some preparation relevant to the topic. An expanded Q&A will be led by an ER&L moderator and we do believe it would benefit the session if your speaker was prepared to participate in the Q&A around the big question. Part of sponsorship includes (optional) committee chair assistance and coordination to ensure a nice flow throughout the whole block. The Moderator of the block will be available for a pre-ER&L discussion as well. We believe that by taking these steps that the vendor sessions are being incorporated into the program in a more thoughtful and engaging way.