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Thinking Outside the [Zoom] Box: Utilizing Virtual Reality for Library Programming

Coming Later in 2021

Dates TBD

AUDIENCE LEVEL: Foundational


The University of the Pacific and the University of La Verne libraries have been temporarily closed during the Coronavirus pandemic and have been forced to transfer our events online. For our events that were interactive and given a sense of community, we built a VR space using Hubs by Mozilla in our respective libraries.

In this workshop, we will demonstrate how all libraries can utilize virtual reality for library programming, such as: displaying archival materials, student projects, or social gatherings – like book clubs. Participants will build their own virtual space to host library events using a free online web-based virtual reality (VR) platform called Hubs by Mozilla. Hubs is accessible via laptop, mobile phone, and VR hardware. The workshop takes you through setting up a space, building custom virtual spaces, and sharing the space with others.

No computer coding skills required to complete this workshop. Learn from the experienced hosts on the do’s and don’ts when hosting and creating online VR events.

Following the workshop, participants will: 

  • learn how to use an open-source platform for various library programming.
  • create their own virtual reality room.
  • learn innovative techniques to host VR events.


Keely Canniff
Digital Project Manager & Instructor
University of the Pacific

Keely Canniff is the Digital Projects Manager at Pacific. She believes education and technology are transformative and actively integrates technology into the classroom. Keely specializes in extended reality (AR/VR) applications and is a published author in IEEE VR. Working with interdisciplinary students, Keely enjoys the diversity each student brings to the project. In her spare time, Keely enjoys volunteering with local STEM initiatives like Girls Who Code. 

David Ovcharenko
University of La Verne

David Ovcharenko is a supervisor of the University of La Verne’s Makerspace and the university’s software and technology support team (Academic Technology Support). David manages the university’s 3D printers and technology requests. He regularly organizes and helps his tech support group conduct workshops to the university’s faculty and students and conducts virtual hands-on labs for classes that are online. David also received his Bachelor’s in Speech Communication from the University of La Verne.

Sabrina Mora
Communications Coordinator
University of La Verne

Sabrina Mora is the Communications Coordinator at the University of La Verne Wilson Library. She is responsible for developing, implementing, and managing media and materials that promote the library’s services and collections. This includes oversight of the library’s website, social media, printed marketing, and more.​ ​Sabrina earned her B.A. in Communications from the University of La Verne and M.L.I.S. from San Jose State University.


  • Latest update of your preferred web browser
  • Laptop or computer with a mouse – Preferred