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Presenter Logistics – Pre-Recorded Sessions

What is a Pre-Recorded Session with Attended Q&A ?

A Pre-Recorded Session with Attended Q&A is a key part of the ER&L program. These sessions have 2 components:

  1. A 20-25 minute pre-recorded session video
  2. A 90-minute scheduled presentation time called “Attended Q&A”

During this Attended Q&A component, a moderator, speakers and attendees will chat via the text chat box adjacent to your session video.

The pre-recorded sessions will be available on the Virtual Event Platform for your scheduled presentation time, and the Attended Q&A Session takes place in the same location and at the same time as the session.

Pre-Recorded Session Presenter Checklist

  1. Register for the conference
  2. Block out time on your calendar for your session time during the conference AND your practice day (listed below)
  3. Complete your speaker profile in your Speaker Portal
  4. Review the logistics below
  5. Build your presentation slides and script
  6. Practice!
  7. Record your presentation before the February 19th deadline
  8. Upload your presentation to Dropbox by February 19th and confirm you are “Ready to Go!”
  9. Attend the Practice Day on Thursday, March 4th anytime between 1:00 pm – 3:00 pm Central Time
  10. Upload your downloadable presentation files for attendees by March 5th in your Speaker Portal

Questions?  We’re here to help — hello@electroniclibrarian.org


  • The discounted speaker registration rate is $199 for the conference. Click here to register.  
  • All accepted presenters are expected to register prior to the conference.

Presentation Times

  • Pre-Recorded Sessions should be between 20-25 minutes.
  • Video Submission Deadline is February 19th. 
  • Attended Q&A will take place during your session time listed in your speaker portal and the program website.

Building Your Presentation

  • The preferred aspect ratio for your slides is 16:9.
  • All presenters should include their name, affiliation, and a photo on the opening slide of your presentation.
  • Presentation Tips: Whether you are presenting for the very first time or this is “old hat” to you, we’ve compiled some tried-and-true tips to help ease any stage-fright jitters and to ensure your presentation is well received.
  • Review the Accessibility Guidelines to ensure all attendees can view your slides
  • Proper Attribution and Citation Expectation: All presenters are required to include proper citations and attributions on all images, graphics, and research that is not original. This maintains integrity in the presentation and enables attendees to reference primary sources.
  • No commercial activities or any advertising may be included in your slides. Non-compliance with this rule will result in slides being removed.

Record Your Presentation – before Friday, February 19th

  • Your final video file should be saved as an MP4 file.
  • Every session should have 1 final file for upload.
  • You may record your presentation as a voice-over-slides only or add in a camera view of your speaker.
  • How to record your presentation:
  • The ideal video has:
    • Audience-ready slides — do not record your presentation in editing mode.
    • Clear audio with little-to-no background noise.
    • A pre-written script or outline to keep you focused, limit long pauses and “um” or “uh” statements.
    • Queued up media or other websites/ tools that you will be using if they are not embedded in your slides.

Upload Your Video – due Friday, February 19th

  • STEP 1Every session should have 1 final file for upload. Your final video file should be saved as an MP4 file using this naming format:

“Session – Your Session Title – Your Last Name” 

Example: “Session – Managing access in the library – Tijerina”

  • STEP 2: Upload the file to our private DropBox Folder by February 19th

  • STEP 3: Confirm you are “Ready to Go!” = You’ll get a task in your speaker portal asking you to confirm that you are “Ready to go” by February 19th. When have uploaded your finished mp4 file, you can mark this task off on the Assigned Tasks tab in the speaker portal. Reminders will be sent periodically until you mark this task as complete. 

Practice Day – Thursday, March 4th

  • Test drive the Virtual Event Platform and see how it will work during your presentation. ER&l Staff will be online during this time to answer questions and walk you through the process. 
  • Your Practice Day checklist will be available here and in your Speaker Portal by March 1st. 
  • An email with further instructions will be sent by March 1st. 

Downloadable Presentation Files – due Friday, March 5th

  • Session slides and any additional materials you want to be made available for attendees to download can be uploaded in your Speaker Portal. Presentation files will be available to all attendees on the Virtual Event Website.
  • Only 1 presenter for each session should supply the slides. Once submitted, all co-presenters should mark this task as completed in their speaker portal.
  • YES, presenters can choose to not share slides if data is not available for distribution, but we strongly encourage sharing the presented information since that is the core of what we’re facilitating at the conference.
  • To submit the file(s) through your Speaker Portal:
    1. Log into your Speaker Portal
    2. Go to the Session Files tab
    3. Find the session (top tab)
    4. Enter the file description
    5. Uncheck Private File (this will allow attendees to access your file)
    6. Browse for the file and select Add File

During Your Presentation/ Attended Q&A

  • The sessions will be available on the Virtual Event Platform on the scheduled presentation day, and the Attended Q&A component takes place in the same location as the session.
  • Attendees can watch your session at their convenience.
  • The Attended Q&A Session is a required component of your presentation where a moderator, speakers, and attendees will chat via the text chat box adjacent to your session video.
  • At the conclusion of your Attended Q&A Session, attendees may continue to ask questions in the chat box within your session. It is your choice whether to continue to monitor the chat and answer questions or post a note saying that you welcome additional questions via email. 

Code of Conduct

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