Exploring trends, technologies, e-resource management, and digital services in libraries.

Welcoming non U.S. / International Attendees to Electronic Resources and Libraries

hello erl attendees internationalThe digital world knows no boundaries and we are pleased and eager to include international perspectives to our conference.

ER&L works to facilitate the communication and collaboration for information professionals around issues related to managing electronic resources in the digital world. The goal of the ER&L Conference is to bring together information professionals from libraries and related industries to improve the way we collect, manage, maintain, and make accessible electronic resources in an ever-changing online environment from around the world.

ER&L allows for cross-pollination of ideas across fields of librarianship not often brought together in traditional public services or technical services conferences and we understand that an international attendee brings a valuable perspective that is an added value to our conference and our community. We invite you to join us.

Do you need a letter of invitation? Support with information for a visa meeting? Suggestions or support when you arrive? Please do not hesitate to reach out if we can be of any assistance!

Finally, understanding that international travel can be very cost prohibitive with a lengthy approval process, we are pleased to offer the online conference once again to allow more international attendees to attend the 11th Annual Electronic Resource and Libraries conference from their home or office.

If we can do more, please reach out to us at eresources.info@gmail.com with your suggestions.






Bonnie Tijerina