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Why you should attend ER&L 2021

Every year at ER&L, our community celebrates the diversity, passion, and professionalism that we bring to our work.

This year, more than ever before, we’ve seen the services and resources we provide become an absolutely integral part of the learning and research environments. We have been called upon to take on new challenges, new tasks, new products, and new training to support our user’s needs while also managing our own lives in a world that’s throwing new things at us every day.

While attending a virtual conference in our current circumstances may feel overwhelming, I urge you to participate in ER&L this year if you can. Be inspired by learning about the challenges and opportunities we have faced and overcome this year – topics like budgeting, access and discovery, open access resources, vendor-library relationships, team training, and troubleshooting are more important than ever. Conference organizers have been working non-stop to bring the things you love about ER&L to a virtual environment (except for the fabulous variety of snacks – those you’ll have to supply yourself). This year’s 100% virtual conference is also providing opportunities to try new features and activities that will knock your (ER&L) socks off. We think you’ll find that the virtual conference platform is flexible, accessible, and intuitive and will allow you to participate at your own pace.

Every year, attending ER&L refreshes my perspective, taking me out of my bubble and reminding me of the larger importance of the work we do. Every year, I think I can’t be any prouder of our community. This year exceeded anything I ever imagined. I am so proud of all of you, my colleagues, and so grateful for the support we provide to each other in our virtual environments every day.

The 2021 conference will be an opportunity to connect with each other across geographic and philosophical divides and to immerse ourselves in a supportive and focused forum.

–  Jennifer Bazeley, 2021 Program Chair