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Congrats Danielle Trierweiler, 2016 ER&L + DLF Cross-Pollinator

ER&L and DLF are pleased to congratulate Danielle Trierweiler, Digital Services Librarian at Illinois College, a 2016 ER&L +DLF/CLIR Cross Pollinator award winner! Read excerpts from Danielle’s winning essay:


How do you think the ER&L conference can support broadening your professional horizons? 

I think that the ER&L conference will support broadening my professional horizons by giving me direct access to a community of library-centered professionals and practitioners that are as excited as I am by the many forms and functions libraries play in the evolving phenomenon of human and machine learning. In many ways, a meeting of the minds like ER&L is both a locus of an information storm and also, a distribution point. I have a particular passion for User Experience (UX) because it is where “things come together.” I hope to deepen my knowledge of the types of strategies employed by different types of organizations and institutions, (such as extreme project-scale, complexity impact, etc) as well as formulate broader conclusions among conference-goers, from sharing our experiences. How can we collaborate more effectively with librarians? IT professionals? How can we tweak and customize the social and professional networks we take part in to produce the best possible experience?

Please describe what you can uniquely bring to the ER&L conference community? 

I feel that as the Digital Services Librarian at a small, Midwest liberal arts college, I have experienced the pressure to be both the form and function of a sparely staffed information shop. I serve as a systems administrator for out ILS, consortium liaison, web user experience specialist, teacher, and scholar all at once and it is demanding.  I have learned that form and function are interdependent concepts that I must shift my focus between and prioritize. Sometimes I work with IT to fix something network related, others I am counseling a student or faculty member through a digital humanities project. So, one benefit if this is that I offer a 360 degree, if not microcosmic view of how these elements and interactions make our library and wider campus community work together. A holistic perspective may bring a different voice to discussions biased towards large systems- both human and machine- that often connect but become indifferent to the ways in which they interoperate with one another.

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